Relations between London and Moscow cannot be normalized with the continuing threats from the Russian side. On Friday, June 28, British Prime Minister Theresa May said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Japanese Osaka.

“She told the President that the normalization of bilateral relations cannot be until Russia stops irresponsible and destabilizing actions that threaten the UK and its allies,” the Prime Minister’s office said.

May and Putin discussed various issues of international concern. Among them — the situation around the nuclear deal with Iran, the offensive of Syrian forces in the province of Idlib, as well as the protection of human rights, including sexual minorities.

In addition, May expressed concern about Russia’s actions in Ukraine. According to her, de-escalation of the conflict is necessary for any progress. She called for the release of Ukrainian sailors detained in Russia after the incident in the Kerch Strait.

The head of the government also stressed that she wants to bring to justice those responsible for poisoning the former employee of the GRU Sergei Skripal. She made it clear that the United Kingdom has irrefutable evidence that Russia is behind the attack, said its representative.

On June 27, Putin in an interview with the British newspaper Financial Times said that the story of poisoning Skripal and his daughter “is not worth five cents.”

Before that, the representative of May said that the meeting of the President of Russia and the British Prime Minister at the G20 summit does not mean the normalization of relations between Moscow and London.