McConnell: The United States must take decisive measures to deter Russian aggression

The leader of the Senate Republicans spoke in support of the bill on sanctions against the “Nord Stream-2.”

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell made comments on Thursday in support of the bill on sanctions against the “Nord Stream-2” gas pipeline, which was introduced by Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

“We can send [Russian President Vladimir] Putin has a serious warning that he will not be allowed to use energy as a weapon,” McConnell said.

“These sanctions, like the previous sanctions against “Nord Stream-2,” which have received broad support from both parties in Congress, are not aimed at driving a wedge between the countries of Europe. A wedge is a pipeline. That’s the whole point. This is Putin’s goal. To distance Ukraine from Europe and make Europe even more dependent on Russian gas.”

“The Senate should show that we are focused on real threats to democracy, security and our friends,” the senator said, urging colleagues to support the initiative.

“Ukraine and our allies on the eastern flank of NATO deserve support. They are at the forefront of a much broader war that Russia and China are waging against the democratic international order,” he continued. – This order helps America. It is favorable for our national interests and our allies. But this order will not establish itself. He won’t defend himself. And our allies won’t act if America can’t lead them.”

Democratic Senator Mark Warner, who heads the Intelligence Committee, also made a statement about the situation with Ukraine and the proposed sanctions against “Nord Stream-2.”

“The buildup of Russian forces near Ukraine – in addition to the ongoing occupation of eastern Ukraine and Crimea – poses a serious threat not only to Ukraine, but also to peace and stability in Europe and the world as a whole. The Biden administration is actively negotiating with Russia and with our European partners and allies in order to de-escalate,” he said. – The Senate should reinforce these ongoing efforts. We could do this by passing a law that makes it clear that increasing aggression against Ukraine will only lead to the fact that the United States will increase assistance to our Ukrainian partners, NATO will strengthen its collective defense, and the Russian economy will face devastating consequences.”

“The bill that we are considering today is not successful either in terms of impact or timing,” Warner said. – In the midst of serious diplomatic negotiations, he hits our European allies and creates a risk of disruption of negotiations. I will be happy to work with colleagues from both parties to further strengthen support for Ukraine and defend a clear and resolute position against Russian aggression.”

Recall that on Wednesday, Warner and other Democratic senators introduced a bill on the protection of Ukraine’s sovereignty, providing for serious consequences in the event of a new Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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