The leader of the Senate minority believes that this will help the United States to counter threats from Russia and China

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell that President Joe Biden’s next budget request should include an increase in defense spending by at least 5% above the inflation rate to counter what he called long-term threats to U.S. interests from Russia and China.

McConnell in his speech noted that the increase in military spending should follow the recent sanctions imposed against Moscow in connection with its invasion of Ukraine to ensure that the United States will be able to counter advances in Russian and Chinese weapons, which, according to him, were designed to keep American troops away from the regions.

“This president’s job is to seriously confront the growing threats coming from Russia and China,” McConnell said in his speech.

“President Biden should set an example. The President’s next budget request should include at least a 5 percent increase in defense spending above the inflation rate. Russia and China have been giving priority attention to the modernization of the armed forces for literally decades,” he said.