McDonald’s caught selling tap water

The French branches of McDonald’s were accused of an unfair transition to eco-friendly packaging. After the announcement of the management of the restaurant chain about the rejection of plastic bottles, the catering service was caught selling tap water to customers under the pretext of caring for nature, Le Figaro reports.

Since April 2021, McDonald’s restaurants have stopped purchasing classic Evian and Badoit drinks from the Danone group for their establishments in France and have added a new product to the menu — a glass of water worth 1.70 euros and a volume of 250 milliliters in cardboard cups. “The cessation of the distribution of plastic bottles was the first in the world for our brand. The new initiative will save more than a thousand tons of plastic,” the company said.

The France Info TV channel found out that McDonald’s does not buy mineral water to sell it for bottling. Restaurant workers pour the liquid from the tap and pass it through the filter before serving. The journalists relied on a video taken by one of the company’s managers on a hidden camera.

Representatives of McDonald’s refer to the data of their surveys, according to which 90 percent of respondents from among the company’s customers are satisfied because it “allows you to have a more diverse offer.” The buyer can ask for non-carbonated, carbonated, or tap water, the management of the French network emphasizes.

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