McDonald’s has announced the temporary suspension of all its 850 fast food restaurants in Russia. The reason was the Russian armed invasion of the territory of Ukraine. 62 thousand employees of the network will continue to receive a salary. This was reported by the press service of McDonald’s.

The company does not yet know when it will be able to restore business in Russia and promised to closely monitor the humanitarian situation in the country.

The Russian armed invasion of the territory of Ukraine began on February 24 on the orders of Vladimir Putin. He justified the Kremlin’s actions, among other things, by the fact that NATO allegedly wanted to turn Ukraine into its anti-Russian outpost. Ukraine and NATO deny this.

The United States and Western countries imposed tough sanctions against Moscow, which affected not only politicians and officials, but also ordinary citizens. Hundreds of corporations and brands have announced the suspension of business in Russia. Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other online platforms and social networks have partially restricted access for Russian users.