For several months now, his numerous ex-lovers have brought charges of violence against Armie Hammer. Because of this, the actor lost his role in the romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez.

However, all this does not prevent the star from starting a new relationship. Now he lives in the Cayman Islands, and there he was noticed with a new darling. “Armie is in a relationship now. We’ve known her for a long time, and she’s a sweet girl. I do not believe that she thinks of him the way he is portrayed in the media, “– said a friend of the actor to The Sun.

According to another insider, Hammer is now on the road to improvement. He gave up drinking and drugs, which he often talked about on his closed Instagram page. “Armie is sober and is really working on himself. I must admit that it is so amazing to see his transformation. It seems to be in the correct state. True, he is still very limited in communication with children, but I hope that everything will change soon, ” the source said.

Recall that the actor Elizabeth Chambers’ ex-wife has been living in the Cayman Islands for six months with her 5-year-old daughter Harper and 3-year-old son Ford. She filed for divorce last summer, and shocking details of the actor’s behaviour began to surface online this January. The scandal began with the actor’s confessions of cannibalism and then grew into numerous revelations of his former lovers.

The last of them was a 24-year-old girl named Effie. She stated that Armie Hammer raped her in April 2017. Most of the meetings took place by mutual agreement, but one day Hammer used force. According to her, he beat her head against the wall for more than four hours, leaving bruises on her face.