Yesterday 34-year-old Megan Fox and her 30-year-old boyfriend Colson Baker, acting under the pseudonym Machine Gun Kelly, were once again seen on the streets of Malibu. The star couple was spotted on the way out of their favourite Japanese restaurant Nobu, where they spent the evening talking and a delicious dinner in the company of close friends.

Megan and Coulson walked out of the restaurant holding hands tightly. They did not have a chance to go unnoticed because of the actress’s bright evening look: she was wearing a black crop top, latex paints, and a scarlet coat with a fur collar. The couple was clearly not too happy to meet the paparazzi, so they hurriedly left the parking lot in their private car.

Recall that Colson Baker recently made an unexpected confession. On Valentine’s Day, he published a post dedicated to his beloved on his Instagram, in which he told subscribers that he wears an amulet with a drop of Megan’s blood around his neck.

I wear your blood around my neck, – wrote the rapper, attaching a photo of that very unusual jewellery to the post.

Meghan, in turn, also confessed her love to her boyfriend in honour of Valentine’s Day. She published a series of romantic pictures with Colson, noting that her lover is literally woven of contradictions and not forgetting to mention that it was during the period of his relationship with her that he gave up drug use.

We will remind you that earlier in the press. There were rumours about the engagement of Megan Fox and Colson Baker, which the actress soon denied. Meanwhile, people from the inner circle of the star claim that she wants to divorce the father of her three sons, Brian Austin Green, as soon as possible to focus on the relationship with Colson fully.