35-year-old Megan Fox has become the heroine of the new issue of Basic Magazine. The actress, who is now busy promoting a new film with her participation, “Midnight in the Grain Field”, appeared on the cover of the publication, and also took part in a photoshoot, in which she tried on many spectacular outfits.

So, in the main photo, Megan poses in the original Paskal top with heart-shaped cups and Good American jeans. Jennifer Fisher hoop earrings complete the look. The photos were taken by James Macari.

In an interview, the actress said that she managed to become “the captain of her own ship” after last year she was able to get rid of the fear of failure in her career.

My mind creates the world I live in, Megan said.

The new setup seems to have helped Meghan in her personal life as well. So, the other day she admitted that she signed up to take part in the filming of the film “Midnight in the Grain Field” in order to meet Colson Baker (now they are dating). Megan claimed that she felt the urge to star in the film because “the universe told her it would be a reward for her.”

I knew that he would be in the film, and the Universe seemed to whisper to me: “Come on, do it. There is something in this experience that will be really useful for you,” Megan shared.

Earlier, Megan, who has three sons from ex-husband Brian Austin Green, admitted that she immediately felt a connection with Colson, but for a long time did not give vent to feelings and even made a list of the pros and cons of this relationship. But in the end, feelings prevailed over reason. At the same time, Fox admitted that she is often guided by intuition, including when choosing roles. The actress chooses roles that she believes will have a lasting impact on her as a person.

Sometimes you can say about a role: “It will change me as a person.” This is what I want from my life – to constantly develop and grow. I have never tried to calculate something. It was always a game of intuition as to whether the role resonated in my soul, said Megan, who recently explained why she hasn’t drunk for 12 years.