The actress, who recently found love again, is being pursued by the paparazzi.

Happy and in love, Megan Fox flashed her seductive curves in a sheath dress on the street. The beautiful actress in a spectacular manner was again caught on the street by the paparazzi the other day. After Fox confessed to an affair with Colson Baker, photographers literally follow her heels.

Knowing this, Megan tries to always look winning. The other day, Fox went for a walk down the street in a silhouette dress with a neckline almost to the middle of the chest. Due to the competent fit, the outfit favorably emphasized the slender figure of the star. The image was complemented by elegant boats that brought the not-tallest star closer to world-class models.

Meghan has received the hottest compliments on the Web.

“Not yours, so you’re pissed off”, “How is Colson Baker with her all the time?”, “I would spin with this chick”, “Megan, God, stop, stop, we beg you”, “Hot Mommy”, – they wrote.