Rumours of Megan Fox’s divorce turned out to be not rumours, but a solid declaration of legal intent. The Hollywood star actually broke up with Brian Austin Green back in February of this year – the couple moved to different homes. It practically did not meet despite a ten-year marriage.

The gap nine months ago was commented by Brian himself:

“At the end of 2019, Meghan was busy filming. She once said that she understood one thing. Working alone, she feels at ease, she likes herself more during work … and afterwards too. “

It is worth noting that the brilliant Megan showed some cunning in her justification of the family separation. Already in the spring of this year, the actress began to meet with Colson Baker – apparently, he did not knock Fox out of his plate, did not interfere with the liking of himself and others. Meghan and Coulson’s relationship progressed rapidly, throughout the summer and fall they positioned themselves as a new Hollywood couple and even walked the red carpet together.

On November 25, 2020, it became known that Megan Fox officially filed for divorce. Austin Green, a month earlier said that it was hard for him to lose his spouse, but he resigned himself to her decision and was ready to accept it. The former couple has three young children (the eldest is 8 years old, the youngest is 4 years old), the issues of their provision and upbringing are still behind the scenes of a star divorce.