The Dukes of Sussex have struck a record deal with the streaming giant. However, all that 39-year-old Meghan Markle and 36 – year-old Prince Harry have done in six months is a small video.

A disgraced couple of the British monarchy has become a serious disappointment for the bosses of the Spotify Corporation. In December last year, they signed a contract with the Dukes for 18 million pounds. According to the contract, Meghan and Harry were supposed to release their podcasts on the streaming platform, promoting diverse and inspiring ideas. “We were looking forward to the full-scale launch of the show this year,” an insider told the Internet service’s management.

However, in all this time, the Dukes of Sussex released only one video lasting 35 minutes. This is the Christmas edition of 2020, published under their Archewell Audio brand. Of course, this is a pathetic fraction of the content they have committed to developing.

However, formally, the former actress and the British prince have an excuse. Initially, their plans were hindered by the coronavirus pandemic. Meghan and Harry are currently on leave to care for their newborn daughter, Lilibet Diana.

“We are told that they have up to five months off, and people who pay them a lot of money will expect something in return. It seems that they used up their ammunition very early and laid out a lot of material in the form of deals and agreements with many firms. You can ask if they have too much to worry about,” said royal writer Phil Dampier.

PR guru Mark Borowski has suggested that the Dukes of Sussex may have pre-recorded shows ready to be broadcast between now and 2022. “Even if the shows haven’t materialized yet, it’s a win-win for Spotify to have two of the most famous people in the world associated with them. But Harry and Meghan will be under intense scrutiny. What are these guys going to produce? What can they say? Everything could have been different if they had not sought full control over the production,” The Sun quotes the expert.