The Dukes of Sussex will receive a check for the decision to limit themselves to two heirs.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry received a monetary reward for refusing to continue childbearing from the British organization Population Matters, which studies the impact of humanity on the global climate, writes the Daily Mail.

The Dukes of Sussex decided to focus on two heirs – the son of Archie and the newborn Lilibet-Diana, which, according to the organization, deserves an award, since Harry and Megan saved the environment with their decision.

There is no law in the United Kingdom that would regulate the number of children, but eco-activists believe that it is better to give birth to no more than two. Otherwise, the growth of the human population will have a catastrophic effect on the planet.

Recall that the couple of Dukes of Sussex now live in California, not obeying the social norms of Britain, so they can easily change their mind.

The couple will receive a check for £ 500 from Population Matters on July 11, which they can only use for charity or socially significant cause.