Meghan Markle, 39, has officially become the producer of the children’s series on Netflix. Megan announced this on the page of the Archewell Productions foundation, which they represent together with her husband, 36-year-old Prince Harry:

I’m thrilled to have Archewell Productions partnered with the powerful Netflix platform and incredible producers to bring you this new animated series that celebrates the greatest women in history.

Pearl is the working title of the series, whose release date has yet to be determined. The plot focuses on the heroic adventures of a 12-year-old girl who seeks her true strength and finds inspiration from influential women in world history.

Like many girls her age, our heroine Pearl is on the path of self-discovery, trying to overcome the daily difficulties of life, announced the start of work on the series Megan.

Film industry professionals such as Caroline Soper, Liz Garbus, Dan Kogan, Amanda Rynda and David Furnish will participate in the project. The latter immediately announced the announcement of the project on his instagram. Film director and producer David Furnish, husband of musician Elton John, wrote in the publication:

The team behind the show is top-notch and Netflix is ​​the perfect partner.

Fans expressed their great joy at the new series, unanimously writing in the comments:

“It will be awesome!
I can not wait!
Incredible news!”

This project promises Megan not only creative self-realization, but also a multi-million dollar contract. The Times reported that, according to industry insiders, the deal with Netflix will be structured as follows: Meghan will first receive an advance of $ 1.85 to $ 3.7 million per year, and then earn more as the show is released.

Royal experts believe Markle is partnering with Netflix for PR. For example, Daniela Elser said that if Harry and Meghan, who recently became parents for the second time, “do not want to be written off as a marketing gimmick”, they will need to “prove that they are worth the investment.” For this Megan and “went to work” as a producer.

Their entire ability to make money is tied to their ability to create good PR. If interest in them wanes or social fatigue arises from the never-out-of-the-news duo, their value could plummet, Elser wrote in her author’s column.

Unfortunately, the PR of the couple has recently been more and more associated with scandals. Cut off from the royal family’s funding after their move and high-profile statements, Prince Harry and Meghan are about to lose hope of good relations with relatives.

If after Harry’s visit to his homeland to unveil the monument to his deceased mother Princess Diana there were rumors that the brothers had decided to make up, now everything is back to normal. Insiders report that Prince William will be feuding again.

William felt that the smoothing out of the situation had not worked for quite some time. He felt that decisive action was needed, that he needed to play their own game with them, wrote royal expert Charlotte Griffiths for The Mail.