The press leaked intimate information about the future birth of Megan Markle. The second child of the Dukes of Sussex should be born in the near future, in connection with which Megan began active preparation.

So, the journalists managed to find out that Markle, as previously assumed, decided to give birth within the walls of her own home. The fact that she was going to abandon doctors, Megan said back in January, which incurred the wrath of supporters of traditional childbirth.

Now it turned out that Markle agreed to “silent childbirth”: such methods are actively promoted by supporters of Scientology. They believe that background noise prevents the baby from being born, and in the future can negatively affect his condition.

All those present are required to be silent, and Megan herself will not even be able to breathe loudly during contractions, according to New Idea. Earlier, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Suri was born in a similar way.

Doctors and vigilant commentators are sounding the alarm: they are confident that this type of childbirth will seriously affect the condition of the woman in labor, and therefore the newborn. Especially sharp-tongued haters even managed to call Megan an adherent of the sect.

“A brawler, and now a sectarian,” they write.