He was previously forced to resign as host of Good Morning Britain due to harsh criticism of Prince Harry and his wife.

The Good Morning Britain show is asking controversial host Pierce Morgan to return after his loud dismissal in March due to harsh criticism from Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle. The ITV channel noted a strong drop in ratings after Morgan’s resignation, and therefore decided to forgive old grievances and open a new page in cooperation with the reporter.

Pierce told The Sun that he is ready to go to a meeting with the channel’s management, but wants to be more than just a presenter. His main condition is the production of the program and the recruitment of a personal team.

Morgan received a barrage of criticism from sympathetic viewers for Harry and Meghan when he accused them of lying after an interview the couple gave Oprah Winfrey about racism and prejudice in the royal family.

The presenter claimed that there was no trust in their words, and Megan lied 17 times during a conversation with Oprah. After the scandal caused by his statements, he refused to apologize to the Duchess of Sussex, and Harry advised him to grow up.

We add, the journalist claimed that the members of the royal family expressed their gratitude to him for protecting their interests by launching a campaign against Megan. Markle herself threatened Morgan with a lawsuit, promising to sue for libel.