Last week, Xiaomi introduced the Mi Mix 4 smartphone, which received a sub-screen front camera and other premium options. But, as it turned out, you have to pay dearly for all this – both at purchase and after, in the event of a breakdown. The Chinese media received a price list for repairing a smartphone, and the numbers in it are rather big.

No wonder the display is the most expensive component. Its replacement in the event of an out-of-warranty repair will cost about $ 240. For comparison, the flagship Mi 11 Ultra has a higher resolution screen and costs a little more – $ 254.

Next up is the Mi Mix 4’s ceramic lid, which costs $ 105 to replace. The Mi 11 Ultra also has a ceramic back, but it costs less at $ 69. Apparently, the reason is that the cover of the Mi Mix 4, as the manufacturer assures, is made according to a new expensive technical process.

In addition, modules for the main and wide-angle cameras in case of non-warranty repair cost 12-13 dollars, a camera with a telephoto lens – 23 dollars, a battery – 24 dollars. In addition, the employees of the service centers will take another $ 6 for the work.

By the way, considering these prices, Mi Mix 4 becomes one of the most expensive Xiaomi smartphones in terms of repair costs. More expensive – only the repair of the folding Mi Mix Fold.