The mayor of the American city of Miami, Francis Suarez, said that he did not call for airstrikes on Cuba, but spoke about it as an example of the reaction of the US authorities to such incidents around the world.

Earlier, Suarez on Fox News suggested considering the possibility of bombing Cuba as a measure of pressure on the official Havana, and then told the Miami Herald newspaper that he expected a call from the US president to discuss with him the possibility of military intervention on the Island of Freedom.

“Different administrations considered different options in different theaters (of military operations) around the world. One of them, which I cited as an example, is the airstrikes in Kosovo under the administration of (US President Bill) Clinton,” Suarez said in an interview with MSNBC.

He gave several more examples of the use of force by the States, noting that “people in Miami are extremely upset, and they want to be sure that the administration of (US President Joe) Biden is considering all options.”

“The US has been involved in a lot of things around the world, it’s difficult to see something happening 90 miles away (about 150 kilometers) without any real US intervention,” he said.

At the same time, the mayor of Miami did not name possible targets for airstrikes. “I am not promoting a specific strategy, I am not a military expert, I am not a member of the army, I do not have the data or the ability to understand that the military has. Our military will make these decisions. I am sure, publicly or not, but such discussions are taking place,” he said.

The protests in Cuba began on Sunday, July 11. Thousands of people took part in the demonstrations, who demanded to “hold free elections” and solve social problems. Supporters of the government, after the president’s call to take to the streets and fight back against provocations, held their own marches in the country’s cities. The Cuban authorities said that the United States was behind the protests, but Washington denied these words, calling them a “serious mistake.”