Donald Trump’s former lawyer has officially served a three-year term.

Michael Cohen – former personal lawyer and assistant to ex-President Donald Trump – walked out of federal court a free man after serving a three-year term under supervision for campaign finance violations and other crimes.

Cohen, 55, told reporters outside the Manhattan District Court that he intends to cooperate with law enforcement to “ensure that others are held accountable for their dirty deeds and that no one ever believes that they can be above the law.”

A few minutes after his release, Michael Cohen posted on Twitter a photo of him smiling, holding release documents in his hands.

“This is what freedom finally looks like!” he wrote.

Cohen, who represented his interests during the trial, pleaded guilty in December 2018 to illegal campaign finance, tax evasion, and other offenses.

The devastating effects of COVID-19 on prisoners in the United States led to Cohen’s early release from federal prison, where he spent just over a year. The former lawyer of Donald Trump spent the rest of his term in his apartment on Park Avenue.

Cohen tried to be released earlier – on May 29, about six months earlier, saying that he had worked the necessary hundreds of hours and completed the required courses while in prison. A federal judge rejected his request, ordering him to remain under house arrest until November 22.