Prince Jackson, 24, rarely agrees to speak to reporters. However, the other day he made an exception and gave an interview on the FOX Soul YouTube channel, in which he recalled the instructions of the famous father and admitted that his work did not inspire him at all.

In 2019, the heir to the pop star graduated from college but did not stop educating himself. Michael Jackson regularly told his son that he should always study, and Prince observes his parting words. “My father would say something like,“ The minute you stop learning, you start dying. You will make mistakes, but you will have to dust yourself off and come back, ” said Jackson Jr.

After graduating from college, he became involved in charity work and even founded a fund with friends to support the sick in Los Angeles. But many predicted a musical career for him.

“If I decided to become an artist, my family would be frank with me. They would tell me that this is not for you. I don’t have a voice to sing songs, and it even took me a while to figure out what a beat is. Now at least, it has come to me. I also can’t dance, ” Prince admitted. Michael tried to develop a taste for music in his children and regularly played music of different genres for them.