He was 78 years old.

Vocalist and guitarist of the American pop-rock quartet The Monkees Michael Nesmith died on Friday at the age of 78. This was reported by Rolling Stone magazine with reference to the musician’s family.

“With infinite love, we inform you that Michael Nesmith died this morning at his home, peacefully and naturally surrounded by family,” the publication quotes excerpts from the statement of Nesmith’s relatives.

The Monkees group was created in 1965; the peak of its popularity was in 1966-1971. It is believed that The Monkees were the first “boy band” created by music producers to eclipse the fame of The Beatles in the USA. The images of the participants and their music in many ways echoed the work of the “Liverpool Four.” In 1971, the band broke up after Nesmith’s departure, but many of its hits remain popular today.

Among the most famous songs of the band are such compositions as I’m a Believer, written by the famous American musician Neil Diamond, Daydream Believer, and The Monkees – the title theme of the comedy series of the same name, in which the band members starred. This project was supposed to be a kind of analog of the musical film “A Hard Day’s Night” with the participation of The Beatles and increase the popularity of the group.