Michael Schumacher regained consciousness and is being treated in a Paris clinic. Le Parisien reported, citing sources. It is from them that bit-by-bit information about the state of the world’s most famous racer reaches the fans. His former coach urged the family to inform more fans who are worried about the idol.

Michael Schumacher was in a coma for six years. The accident happened to him in 2013. While skiing, he fell and was seriously injured. There was little hope of recovery, but on September 10 it was announced that the racer had regained consciousness and was in hospital in Paris. There he was treated with stem cells, says Le Parisien.

Learn details about the condition of the rider edition failed. According to reporters, the clinic “turned into a bunker.” However, the, that Schumacher and truth is there — in hospital confirmed. Presumably, the rider is treated here for the third time.

All these years, data on the condition of the injured athlete was extremely small. His family had built a high wall around him. And even the pervasive paparazzi were powerless. The former Schumacher’s Manager Nick Fry criticized.