On June 24, Microsoft is to present the new operating system Windows 11. However, a week before the presentation, the image, and archive with all the new wallpapers were leaked to the network. Microsoft is now looking into this issue.

After the drain, there were different versions of what happened. It was possible that this is just a fake – the assembly of some craftsman. After all, Windows 11 contains a lot of elements borrowed from the current version of Windows 10. It was also announced that Microsoft itself organized this leak.

However, these versions seem to have nothing to do with reality, as Microsoft itself hints at. The company has filed a DMCA (intellectual property infringement) complaint against Beebom, the site that showed the OS’s appearance.

In addition, Microsoft complained about Google and urged the corporation to remove the original site article from search:

“Article Beebom.com distributes Windows 11 ISO (copyright Microsoft). Please remove their article from your search. This is a leaked copy of an unreleased Windows 11”.

Thus, Microsoft has confirmed the authenticity of the image. But what caused the leak is still unknown.