The company noted that high vaccination rates played a significant role in making such a decision.

Microsoft has decided to return its employees to office mode of operation from February 28. This was announced by the company’s press service.

According to Microsoft, since the beginning of the pandemic, the company has developed a system of six stages of returning to full-time work, taking into account the incidence of coronavirus and the rate of vaccination. “Based on this approach, <…> our production facilities will move to the sixth, final stage of the hybrid model of operation from February 28, 2022,” the report says. Employees will have 30 days to put their affairs in order to switch to full-time work.

The company noted that a significant role in making such a decision was played by high vaccination rates in King County (Washington State), where most Microsoft employees live. At the company’s campus in California, the offices will also open on February 28; the company’s offices in other parts of the country will open as the situation with the pandemic on the ground improves.

Microsoft management planned to return employees to office hours back in October last year, however, due to the spread of COVID strains delta and omicron postponed the date of their employees’ return to the workplace several times.