Mila Kunis cannot forgive Ashton Kutcher for the “thrown” billion

The Star of Friendship Sex is unhappy with her husband’s financial investment. Mila Kunis believes that Ashton does not know how to calculate risks and has a fantastic ability to invest their joint money in dubious companies and funds.

Perhaps the last straw was the $1 billion that Kutcher unsuccessfully invested in the failed company WeWork.

“This deal caused a lot of tension in their marriage. Kutcher refuses to admit that the investment was a mistake and that his stubbornness led to numerous fights between him and Mila, ”writes Gossipcop.

The calculating Milena Markovna (the real name of the actress – editor’s note) counts every million, so her husband’s insane spending causes only anger and irritation. Insiders at Gossipcop believe that money will ruin this marriage.

We will remind, Kunis and Kutcher vowed in veche of love and loyalty to each other in 2015. The stars are raising two children – a daughter and a son. In 2019, there were already rumors in the media that celebrities were going to break up, but Mila and Ashton publicly denied them. However, now, the couple does not comment on the current situation.

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