Hollywood actress and model Milla Jovovich has shared with fans a recording of the first steps of her nine-month-old daughter Oshin Lark Elliot. In the recording, a little girl stands, uncertainly resting her hand on the bed, while her mother sits next to her. Milla calls her daughter to come and take the ball, and after a few seconds of hesitation, the child decides to take the first steps and independently approaches the mother. Both Milla and everyone in the video is delighted with the baby’s first steps: they clap and support the child.

“And now it’s official: baby Oshin has started to walk!” – signed Mill’s post.

In the comments, fans from all over the world congratulate their beloved movie star on their daughter’s first steps. They do not doubt that this is a truly significant event, and many notice with pity that at one time they themselves did not shoot such videos.

Oshin Lark Elliot is the third child in the family of Milla Jovovich and director Paul Anderson; she was born on February 2 this year. The couple’s other children are Ever Gabo and Dashiell Eden. In many interviews, Milla noted that she considers herself Russian and speaks to her daughters in Russian at home, reads books with poems and stories to them, since her parents are from Tula, and she herself is half Russian, half Montenegrin.