Miners found blue Levi’s brand trousers in the mine, dated 1879.

Miners have discovered the oldest Levi’s brand jeans in history. The relevant information appeared on the Reddit portal.

According to the post, blue trousers with scuffs were accidentally found in a mine during gold mining. It is noted that the jeans depicted in the photo date back to 1879. The author of the image suggests that these pants are the oldest Levi’s jeans ever found.

The publication went viral and gained more than 96 thousand likes and 2.8 thousand comments on Reddit. Netizens were surprised by the condition of trousers from 143 years ago, the quality of which, in their opinion, has been perfectly preserved despite the passage of time. “They look like new,” “They are no different from the current ones,” “These jeans cost hundreds of thousands,” “What quality!” – users expressed themselves.

Levi Strauss & Co was founded by Levi Strauss in California, USA, in 1853. At the moment, the headquarters of the world-famous brand is located in San Francisco. The owners of the brand are the heirs of Levi Strauss, and the president and chief executive officer is John Anderson.