It will be able to better protect the body from new coronavirus mutations, the company said.

The American company Moderna is working on creating a more powerful booster vaccine that can better protect the body from new mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, similar to the recently discovered Omicron strain. This is stated in a press release published by the company.

“Moderna will move quickly with the development of a special booster variant for the Omicron strain,” the report says. The new vaccine will receive the designation mRNA-1273.529; the last number in the designation coincides with the encoding of the strain Omicron – B.1.1.529.

The company also noted that they are studying two candidates for a multivalent booster vaccine, they already have “training” of the human body on how to resist some of those SARS-CoV-2 mutations that are in strain B.1.1.529. Moderna also intends to test the possibility of introducing an increased dosage of the booster vaccine already used for better results against the new strain, test data are expected in the next few weeks.