More than ten thousand migrants formed an entire city on the border of Mexico and the United States

Families with children have to live under a bridge on the border near Ciudad Acuña without the necessary amount of drinking water and food.

More than ten thousand migrants formed a whole city right under the bridge on the border of Mexico and the United States in the area of Ciudad Acuña. These are mainly migrants from Nicaragua, Venezuela, Haiti, and even Cuba.

The authorities of Ciudad Acuña and the American town of Del Rio located across the border from it in Texas assess the situation as an emergency. Border checkpoints cannot quickly document such a large number of people, many of whom arrived at the border with children. Most of them have only a limited supply of water and food. Sanitary conditions, organized here in marching order, are also not enough for everyone. In addition, the air temperature rises to 37 degrees Celsius during the day.

Thousands of migrants are trying to enter the United States illegally across the border. During August, the U.S. border services arrested almost 200 thousand illegal border violators. At the same time, those who managed to get into Texas sometimes secretly make trips back to Mexico at night to stock up on food.

In many ways, the influx of migrants to the American border is explained by the fact that many foreigners believe that with the arrival of Democrats in the White House, immigration laws and rules will be less stringent, and the chances of being admitted to the United States will increase. At the same time, the Biden administration is being criticized from both sides: Republicans accuse the president that it was his immigration policy that led to the crisis at the border, and Democratic Party members believe that the White House is not doing enough to help migrants.

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