Mosquito traps suck insects in, mimicking human respiration

Pierre Bellagambi, co-founder of French company Qista, has developed a special device that gets rid of mosquitoes without using chemicals as a repellent. It mimics human respiration and thus catches female mosquitoes.

“Through the rhythmic release of a mixture of CO₂ and various acids, our terminal simulates human respiration. It attracts female mosquitoes to bite and lay 200 eggs every 48 hours. Attracted by artificial respiration, mosquitoes are sucked into a trap like a vacuum cleaner, ”explains Pierre Bellagambi, 37-year-old Arlesien, co-founder of Qista with his childhood friend Simon Lillamand. The terminal’s efficiency is 60 meters for common mosquitoes and 30 meters for tiger ones. Research has shown that the number of bites when the terminal is operating is reduced by 88%.

Such a terminal is an alternative to chemical processing. It acts only on mosquitoes; all other insects remain unharmed in the food chain.

With its patented models, Qista is on the verge of establishing itself in the American market.

The device itself costs about 1000 euros including a recharge. He is already working on the streets of Marseille and other French cities. Several machines are already operating on school grounds and community gardens to protect people from tiger mosquito bites. It carries diseases such as Dengue or Chikungunya fever.

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