In November, it is planned to finish with the launch table and the launch tower, the founder of SpaceX said.

The test orbital flight of the prototype of the Starship spacecraft of the American company SpaceX may take place as early as January 2022. This was announced by the company’s founder Elon Musk.

“We hope to conduct the first orbital flight in February <…>. This month we will finish with the launch table and the launch tower, in December we will conduct several tests and launch in January,” he said during his speech via video link at an event organized by the National Academies of Sciences of Engineering and Medicine (NASEM).

The entrepreneur noted that the first such launch “involves a lot of risks,” so there is no certainty that everything will go well, but somehow SpaceX “will be able to make noticeable progress” in terms of the development of the spacecraft systems.

The reusable Starship spacecraft is designed for flights to Mars and is designed for 100 people. The prototypes of the ship have already made test flights several times with a return to Earth, but so far they have passed within the Earth’s atmosphere. Of all the Starship flight tests, only the last one, which took place in May, passed without destroying the device for one reason or another.