According to estimates of the publication, the businessman’s fortune reached $184.3 billion.

The total value of the assets of the American entrepreneur Elon Musk, who heads the companies Tesla and SpaceX, for the week increased by 11.5 billion dollars. Such estimates were given on Saturday by Forbes magazine.

According to the publication, the businessman’s fortune reached $ 184.3 billion. Tesla’s share price is up 7.4% this week. Following the results of the US trading session on Friday, the price of securities reached $852.23.

Bloomberg estimates the total value of Musk’s assets at $ 203 billion. The main reason for the increase in Musk’s fortune during the year was the growth of the capitalization of Tesla. At the beginning of 2020, it was less than $ 100 billion, and now it exceeds $ 800 billion.

As noted by Forbes, Musk ranks first in the list of the 10 largest entrepreneurs among the richest people in the world, who made the most profit for the week. It is valued at a total of $ 74 billion. In second place on this list is the founder of the Chinese online commerce platform Pinduoduo, Colin Zheng Huang. His fortune increased by $ 10.7 billion during the reporting period in light of the growing popularity of the platform.