Named a “sore spot” of the US Army

Due to problems in the legislation, a large number of US military personnel are killed not in war zones, said Hollie McKay, a specialist in the field of war crimes. Her article was published by The National Interest.

We are talking about the Feres doctrine, which prohibits military personnel from collecting damages from the government for injuries sustained in the line of duty. The document also does not allow families to file lawsuits in the event of a soldier’s death or injury. According to the expert, in theory, these rules should be applied only in combat conditions, but in practice, they apply everywhere.

The expert noted that because of the doctrine, no one is responsible for the deaths of soldiers.

McKay referred to statistics from the Congressional Research Service, according to which between 2006 and 2020, three-quarters of all deaths of American soldiers occurred not in hot spots, but in places where there is no military conflict.

It is specified that employees die from accidents and diseases, some commit suicide. There are also a large number of cases where alcohol was involved in the death of the military.

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