The throne of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) sold at auction in the historic residence of the French monarchs Fontainebleau for € 500 thousand. Auction house Osenat, which was engaged in bidding, informed it in his Twitter.

“The Imperial throne sold for € 500 thousand, including fees”, — said in a statement, which also emphasizes that this lot was the main at the last auction. The name of the new owner of the rarity is not specified.

Earlier it was reported that the carved, gilded chair is estimated at only € 80 thousand, not least it was due to disputes about its authenticity. For a long time it was believed that there are only five thrones of Napoleon. One of them was in the Paris Palace of the Tuileries, the other — in the castle of Saint-Cloud, the third in the Senate, where he remains to this day, the fourth in the Legislature (now — the National Assembly), the fifth — in the mayor’s office of Paris.

However, Osenat assured that “experts have studied this lot for six months” and its authenticity is not in doubt, and the history of the lot is documented.

The story of the throne

According to the auction house, at the end of the XIX century, American philanthropist Michael Henry de Young gave the throne of Napoleon as a gift to the Museum of fine arts in San Francisco. According to the patron, he was bequeathed to him by a French relative, who was part of the circle of the Emperor’s entourage.

As indicated in the Osenat, the chair, sold at auction, made in the same style as the throne of the Tuileries, but slightly different in size. The wooden details are covered with gold, and on the back is embroidered monogram of the Emperor (“N”), topped with a crown.
August 2019 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of the French Emperor.