The American Space Department plans to launch the James Webb Space Telescope on October 31, 2021. The reason for the next postponement was the coronavirus pandemic.

NASA announced a new launch date for the James Webb Orbital Observatory on its website. According to plans, the launch will be carried out from the Kourou Cosmodrome (French Guiana) on October 31, 2021.

The decision on a new postponement was preceded by a risk assessment. Earlier, they wanted to launch James Webb in March next year, but the coronavirus pandemic intervened, which led to a slowdown in the implementation of the program.

NASA has already made it clear that on the previous scheduled date, the device will not be able to start. Now the space department is doing everything possible to minimize possible risks and avoid technical problems. Recall, not so long ago, NASA successfully conducted James Webb ground tests, in which the observatory turned its mirror.

The James Webb telescope is an orbiting infrared observatory that is seen as the successor to the Hubble. Among its main tasks is the detection of the light of galaxies and the identification of exoplanets similar to the Earth.