NASA’s latest photos from the Perseverance rover were taken over an unusual section of rock.

NASA’s Perseverance rover has shared some exciting yet creepy images on social media.

The pictures show rocks covered with dust. It doesn’t sound very interesting, but the last picture caught the attention of users: it shows a huge number of lonely rocks, which have been compared to a cemetery.

The image shows stones scattered close to each other and looks like a small graveyard. Users began to exchange pictures and make assumptions about what is depicted on them.

Perseverance is NASA’s fifth rover. It launched in July 2020 and landed on Mars in February 2021. Its main goal is to collect rock and soil samples and search for possible traces of life.

This spacecraft will be the first phase of the Mars Sample Return Mission (MSR). This task will take 11 years and will be the first-ever attempt to deliver sand and rock samples from Mars.