A new 360-degree image of Mars was shot by the famous Opportunity rover, whose planned 90 days of exploration of Martian sands ultimately stretched for 15 years of continuous trips on the surface of the Red Planet. According to the portal sciencealert.com, the image taken by the rover was not only one of the most impressive, but also the last, farewell. The famous photograph was taken at the place where the device was caught by a powerful dust storm, which deprived the device of the ability to recharge due to solar energy for a long time. Over the last 29 days of its operation, “Opportunity” has created a series of 354 individual images, which were then sent to NASA for analysis and subsequent processing.

In the last image of the rover, the edges of the Endeavor crater, towering in the distance, are clearly visible. A little to the left of this place, the tracks of the rover begin their descent from the horizon and go down to the geological features of the Martian landscape, which NASA scientists hope to study in more detail in the near future. The most promising places to study, at the same time, should be the bottom of the Valley of Perseverance and the bottom of the Endeavor Crater already mentioned above.

When, after sending the last photograph of the Martian surface, the rover finally became silent, and NASA experts decided to complete the mission, the so-called “last words” “Opportunity” almost instantly dispersed over the network: “My battery is low and it’s getting dark” (translated: “ My battery runs out and gets dark. ”) Of course, the rover, even despite all its technical complexity, could not say anything like this, and the author of the dying words of the device was one of the scientific reporters of the publication “ABC 7”. Be that as it may, the phrase, like nothing else, best describes the latest data from the rover, which mention a sharp decrease in the transparency of the atmosphere and a drop in the level of generated energy. The result of such an event can be seen in the last photograph taken by the rover: in the lower right corner of the image, a black and white area clearly emerges, which Opportunity simply did not have enough strength to “colorize” in real colors.