Previously, the Agency refused to provide its spacecraft for space tourism.

The US aerospace Agency (NASA) reported that it plans to be more actively engaged in commercial activities.

In particular, it will allow space tourists to fly to the International space station (ISS) and allow private clients to use the orbital laboratory.
According to the Agency’s press release, no more than two private astronauts will be admitted to the ISS annually, who will be able to spend up to 30 days in orbit. The first flight can be carried out at the beginning of next year.

According to NASA estimates, the cost of one private space flight will be about $ 50 million. However, the exact estimate will be made by the Agency’s contractors – SpaceX and Boeing – delivering astronauts to the ISS. In turn, NASA will be responsible for the stay of tourists at the orbital station – for life support, food and communication the tourist will pay about 35 thousand dollars per day.

NASA also indicated that more than 50 companies are now conducting research on a commercial basis on the ISS. The Agency is working with 11 more companies on the creation of 14 “commercial objects” in space.