NASA’s Perseverance rover continues to explore the surface of Mars, each day discovering more and more important information about the past of the Red Planet. A new post on the Perseverance Mars Rover Twitter account showcases images he took while exploring the bottom of an ancient lake.

The account of the team that manages the work of the Perseverance Mars Rover is kept on behalf of the rover in order to create the impression that it is he who makes the recordings. Hence the caption under the pictures: “Look at this piece of stone that I found: it looks like a garden paving stone and is probably a rock at the place of its emergence.” “Materials like this that have been here since the early days of this ancient bottom can help us understand what this lake looked like,” the rover added.

The rover continues to collect vital data at Jezero Crater, where it landed on 18 February. This information will allow scientists to get a better idea of ​​what Jezero Crater and Mars were like millions of years ago. The main mission of Perseverance is to search for evidence of the existence of life on the Red Planet in the past. And so he was sent to Jezero Crater, as the researchers believe that “this area was once flooded with water and here was the delta of an ancient river.”