The 39-year-old Oscar winner has released a children’s book that reimagines classic children’s stories, Natalie Portman’s Fables.

In an interview with Australian talk show The Project, Natalie Portman explained what inspired her to get into writing. We recall the star raising two heirs with her husband Benjamin Millepieu – 8-year-old son Aleph and 3-year-old daughter Amalia. Last summer, there were rumours that the actress was expecting her third child.

“I began to notice that the characters in all of these classic stories were mostly male, and I wanted the stories to stay alive for [Amalia]. I want her to know the classics, but I also want her to have a more accurate view of the world. All these stories about princesses are really dubious, ” Natalie shared.

The actress also explained what she thought was wrong with Cinderella:

“You have to squeeze into a shoe, and only one person can do it, but the prince does not remember the face of the girl with whom he danced last night. It doesn’t make sense other than it’s offensive. “

In her book, Natalie took a fresh look at the fables “The Turtle and the Hare” and “The Country Mouse and the City Mouse”, as well as the fairy tale “Three Little Pigs”.