Two U.S. Navy ships, as well as the French vessel Latouche-Treville, will be in Helsinki on May 27-30.

The U.S. and French warships will enter the port of Finland’s capital Helsinki on May 27. This is stated in a statement issued on Friday by the republic’s navy.

“Two U.S. Navy ships, the aircraft carriers Gravely and Gunston Hall, as well as the French vessel Latouche-Treville will be in Helsinki on May 27-30, 2022,” it says.

At the same time, the German Navy ship Sachsen, which arrived there on Wednesday, is present in the capital’s port of Hernesaari. The entry of U.S., German and French vessels into the port of Helsinki takes place against the background of joint exercises of the republic’s Navy with the countries of the alliance that took place earlier, the Finnish military adds.

Earlier, Finland and NATO concluded a mutual technical agreement to support the host country, which, according to the Minister of Defense of the Republic Antti Kaikkonen, is designed to allow the republic to “effectively receive military assistance” from NATO.