World’s largest food manufacturer Nestle has announced the launch of a new product for its Garden Gourmet brand, a plant-based alternative to tuna – Sensational Vuna

Sales will begin in late summer 2020 in Switzerland. The product contains water, wheat gluten, pea protein, rapeseed oil, salt, and natural flavors. All ingredients are of plant origin.

The company will produce vegetable-based tuna under the Garden Gourmet brand in glass jars, and ready-made Vuna sandwiches will appear in select supermarkets. Nestlé recommends using plant-based tuna in salads, sandwiches, and pizzas.

Analysts believe plant-based alternatives to meat, fish, and seafood could set a new direction for the market. Moreover, Asia is likely to become the main buyer of vegan and vegetarian products.

The division’s revenue last year was $12.2 billion (against Nestle’s total revenue of $101.9 billion in 2019). And although the share of products based on plant-based alternatives is still small – about $220 million last year – their sales are growing rapidly.

Nestle CEO Mark Schneider said that the company intends to further develop the vegetarian direction.