The Swiss concern Nestle SA is recalling more than 45 types of ice cream from sale due to possible contamination with carcinogenic ethylene oxide, according to the Spanish non-governmental organization for consumer protection FACUA.

The world’s largest producer of Froneri ice cream announced the withdrawal of some items from sale in connection with the new directives of the European Commission. The company’s notification says that we are talking about a small number of contaminated components, which practically does not pose a threat to consumers.

Neither Nestle nor Froneri publishes a complete list of products affected by the contamination. Representatives of FACUA received a list of recalled ice cream from employees of Spanish retail chains. According to activists, the recall affects 46 Nestle ice cream brands produced at Froneri enterprises, including Nestl√©, Milka, Toblerone, Nuii, Oreo, Princesa, and others. The corresponding list is posted on the company’s website.

FACUA warns that the list is limited to data from three retail chains and calls on Nestle and Froneri to publish full information on ice cream contaminated with ethylene oxide, which regulators consider as a carcinogenic substance. The society made a similar appeal to the Spanish Food Safety Agency (AESAN).