The actor punched comedian Chris Rock in the face and spoke obscenely to him, thus reacting to an unsuccessful joke about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Netflix and Apple+ video services are abandoning projects with American actor Will Smith after he punched comedian Chris Rock in the face during the Academy Awards ceremony. This is reported by The Sun newspaper with reference to its sources.

According to the publication, streaming services have withdrawn applications for the screening of a biographical film dedicated to Smith. “Working with Will carries risks. Now they will work with actors more suitable for a family audience, such as Mike Epps and Michael Bakari Jordan,” The Sun quotes its source as saying.

Earlier, it was also reported that Sony froze work on the film “Bad Boys 4,” and Netflix refused to create a crime drama “Fast and Loose,” in which Smith was supposed to star. In addition, the actor voluntarily resigned from the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts.