The South Korean drama that has put your internet on the ears has also earned one official title: Netflix’s biggest launch to date.

The series, the success of which can only be explained by its straightforwardness and simplicity of presentation, but not by the depth of elaboration of the characters (which is not surprising, since they die like flies in the best traditions of one series about dragons and thrones), managed to acquire a mass of accompanying details.

For example, due to the number of viewers, the series managed to significantly hit the South Korean Internet provider. He even sued the streaming service. Also, the editorial staff of gg talked about a souvenir watch capable of waking up any sleepyhead with a built-in weapon in the style of the TV series. In short, it has long been clear to everyone that the series has become a phenomenon. Only specifics were lacking.

The Korean dystopian survival thriller Squid Game has been viewed by 111 million people since its release on September 17, according to a recent tweet from the service’s official account. It also ranked # 1 on Netflix in 94 countries around the world.