In the United States, a new printer was introduced that can print very long objects. The device can work up to 200 hours without human supervision.

Creality teamed up with researcher Naomi Wu to create the 3DPrintMill CR-30. They use a heated belt rather than a traditional built-in plate, so users can theoretically print infinitely long items on the Z-axis. The new printer, raised by Kickstarter, can run for up to 200 hours unattended.

The CR-30 uses a print head tilted at a 45-degree angle, so when the heated belt moves, the models are printed from the front and back simultaneously. At the end of printing, it travels down the ribbon to the cooling area before popping out at the end or onto a set of metal rollers.

The ability to print multiple models in batches is likely to be the main function of this printer. Designed with eBay and Etsy in mind, the device will be capable of mass-printing models previously unavailable to small-sized designers.

The new printer was developed in collaboration with researcher Naomi Wu, a longtime proponent of open source systems for manufacturers. However, in this case, Creality refused to publish the source code. The manufacturer only presented a preview of the printer in a YouTube video.

Researchers hope they can move to the mass production of 3D printers by 2021. However, some users point out that Creality is already an established brand that should not be crowdfunded to launch new products.

Previously, an independent engineer from the United States presented a guitar that he had printed himself. He built several screens and LEDs into the musical instrument. Despite the size of the printer, only 300 x 300 mm, the researcher was able to design the guitar body in the form of sections that can be bolted together.