American startup Cognixion is developing a neural interface combined with an augmented reality device.

California-based neural interface startup Cognixion recently unveiled a new typeface. Its uniqueness is that it provides the so-called augmented alternative communication (Augmentative alternate communication, AAC). It is planned that it will help people with physical or neurological problems to establish communication with others.

The Cognixion One system consists of an augmented reality headset combined with a non-invasive brain-computer interface. The headset stimulates the visual cortex, the area of ​​the brain that receives and analyzes visual signals, while the wireless interface reads neural activity, interprets it, and sends it back to the headset for further action.

In addition to the device, the startup creates machine learning algorithms and uses artificial intelligence to design a language system. It will be able to adapt to the unique communication style of each user so that the system more effectively recognizes what the person is about to say or do. For this, the company has already received funding of $ 12 million from several investors and has already developed a prototype.

The device is still being tested. Users can enter commands using the keyboard. The headset connects to a PC, smartphone or laptop via a USB cable or Wi-Fi, and can also work autonomously using 4G LTE. By the way, not only words and phrases are displayed on the screen of the headset, but also emoji.