The Chinese company XAG presented an agricultural bicopter with rotary screws.

The new V40 drone was created specifically for agricultural work: it was made according to the architecture of a bicopter with two folding arms, on which the rotary screws are located.

As noted by XAG, the drone performs better in terms of energy efficiency than conventional multicopters. The truth is, the information about the battery capacity has not been specified.

The drone comes with a 16-liter tank for herbicides and pesticides, as well as a 25-liter container for seeds. During the flight, the copter, using GPS and a radar module, fixes the boundaries of the field and also reads its geographic features. After that, he starts spraying liquid or sowing seeds at a rate of 10 liters per minute.

The owner can also switch the V40 to manual control.

Today, most of the civilian drones are quadcopters, their design is simple and allows you to perform any basic maneuvers by changing the thrust ratios on the propellers.