A television broadcast announcing the famous Decision of LeBron James about moving from Cleveland Cavaliers to Miami Heat in 2010 was the idea of ​​a fan, not representatives of Maverick Carter, Leon Rose, Rich Paul, or any of ESPN Channel Leaders, reports Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“The idea came from a terrific source that had nothing to do with James, his camp, or ESPN. He was a basketball fan from Columbus, Ohio who mailed an offer to former ESPN employee Bill Simmons in November 2009. He liked the idea, and he urged all sides to work on the announcement of the show called LeBron’s Decision, ”writes journalist Chris Fedor.

Two months after Cleveland relegated from the playoffs in 2010, James hosted an unprecedented event called “The Decision” at the Boys & Girls Club in Greenwich, Connecticut. LeBron announced his transfer from the Cavaliers in front of dozens of children and the many fans who watched the broadcast on television. James said he was “transferring his talents” to the South Coast and would play along with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in the Miami Heat. According to media reports, LeBron’s appeal brought $ 2.5 million to the Greenwich club, and the ESPN broadcast was one of the highest-rated in history.