New detector prevents thousands of Starlink satellites from blocking the telescope’s view

New technology has been developed that detects satellites interfering with shooting and interrupts the recording so as not to spoil the footage.

The new technology was developed by the Russian company from St. Petersburg Stealth Transit: it is suitable for both professional and amateur telescopes that cover no more than one square degree of the sky.

If the view is wider, then several satellites may fall into the field of view at once, in which case the new solution will be impractical.

The company recently began testing its bright satellite detector at one of the most advanced astronomical observatories in Russia, the Caucasus Mountain Observatory in the southwest of the country. The detector was mounted on an ASA 600 telescope and connected to a Stealth Transit active shutter.

The Stealth Transit detector recognizes the trajectories of satellites in low Earth orbit and accurately predicts their transit time through the telescope’s field of view. The shutter then interrupts the exposure to keep the satellite out of the frame.

Vlad Pashkovsky, CEO of Stealth Transit

The main complaints about satellites that interfere with astronomers’ observation are directed to Starlink.

According to Bill Cook, head of NASA’s Meteroidal Services Division, the sheer mass of satellites in orbit will distort the telescopic picture. Astronomers will have to completely rewrite the software responsible for the automatic survey of meteorites and other small orbital objects.

By 2024, Starlink plans to launch 42,000 satellites into Earth’s orbit.

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