Do you know that the creators of the film “Jurassic Park” in many ways deceived us? For example, they set the tyrannosaurus rex as the most dangerous dinosaur, although it lived not in the Jurassic period, but in the Cretaceous. Instead, it would be more correct to use the image of the allosaurus (Allosaurus), which is just the most dangerous predator of the times, which are recreated in the entire famous film. In addition, recently, scientists have discovered a new species of allosaurus, which could be much more dangerous than a tyrannosaurus and held tight at the top of the food chain. Moreover, they also walked on two hind legs, had short legs and a long tail. But what other features does the new species of dianosaurs have?

Skull Allosaurus Jimmadseni

The discovery of paleontologists was described in a scientific journal called PeerJ. In the 1990s, scientists excavated in the US state of Colorado and found two dinosaur skeletons. One of them belonged to the allosaurus of the species Fragilis, and the other to a previously unknown species, which was originally designated as DINO 11541. Only after years it was given the name Allosaurus Jimmadseni.

The most dangerous dinosaur in history

Studying the bones of the new dinosaur was not easy for scientists. To separate the part of the earth in which his bones were found, it was necessary to use explosives. After the 2700 kg fossil block was separated from the ground, a cargo helicopter was required to move it. It took 7 years to clear the bones of dirt and prepare the fossils for study. In addition, for a long time, paleontologists could not find the skull bones of the new dinosaur. This was done only in 1996 and it took quite a while to prepare them.

Skeleton Allosaurus Jimmadseni. Fragments not found are shown in gray

During the study of bones, scientists were able to find out that a new kind of dinosaur for science was the progenitor of allosaurs. The previously well-known species of Allosaurus Fragilis appeared only five million years after the appearance of Allosaurus Jimmadseni. There were many differences between them – for example, the first dinosaurs that arose had a short and narrow skull, which were decorated with two paired ridges from nose to eyes. It is believed that these growths protected the dinosaurs from sunlight.

Despite their rather primitive appearance, allosaurus were as dangerous as tyrannosaurs. They actively hunted for other dinosaurs like stegosaurs and diplodocus, which were much larger than them. Predators used sharp claws and at least 80 teeth to capture prey.

Allosaurus on the hunt

According to paleontologist Stephen Brusatti, previously only one species of allosaurus was known to scientists. Thanks to the new discovery, they now know that there can be many more. At the moment, it is believed that with due persistence, paleontologists can discover up to 12 new varieties.

However, it is entirely possible that the allosaurs were not at the top of the food chain. We previously wrote that about 210 million years ago reptiles from the Rauisuchia group lived on our planet. They looked like huge crocodiles, whose body length was more than 10 meters.